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Medical Supporrt

About 55 million Indians were pushed into poverty in a single year due to the patient- care costs, as per a study by the Public Health Foundation of India. The Lack of affordable hospitals, missing doctors, ill-equipped health professionals, drug price corruption, antibiotic resistance, childhood malnutrition, and neglect of women’s health have all been affecting the Indian health sector. The rising cost of treatment, especially in corporate hospitals, is making the life of the citizens difficult. People dread falling sick for fear of gaining insurmountable debt they will never be able to manage.

In many situations, the cost of medication, tests and interventions is so high and that it is an impossibility for most of the population to get the care they need.  A significant share of India’s population seems to avoid the formal medical system, lest they face a debilitating financial burden. Many families choose to not go for any treatment even when a member faces a life-threatening disease — a staggering 39 percent do not receive any medical attention before death. 


We help?

Through our medical program we get the opportunity to improve the health conditions in the slums and villages where people don’t get the opportunity to afford a doctor or guide them to maintain better health conditions. When people start to follow some basic necessities of improving their own health conditions, it helps the family and individuals in the long run and help in preventing sickness throughout the year where they can’t afford medicines or any kind of help. 

We host bi-weekly medical clinics where we have doctors check, guide, and counsel the people about their health, hygiene and needed treatment if needed. We make sure to document any important cases in order to follow up with the individuals and families and if needed we help in covering any medical expenses during hospitalization. Throughout the month we check on every family, their health and any immediate conditions that need attention and present it to our doctors during their visit. We also keep basic medicines during the doctor visit, and provide people who are visiting if prescribed by the doctor.