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working relentlessly to help the poor community with medical supplies
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India Needs your Help!
Donate Now Indian Needs your support


India is in the midst of a humanitarian crisis.  India has record breaking Covid cases.  There are over 300,000 new cases every day.  With the population of over 1.3 billion people, the real life situation is dire.

Hospitals are overcrowded, and there is a shortage of oxygen.  The Indian population is riddled with people who have pre-existing conditions.  There are streets and areas in some of the major cities, where they are just burning the dead in public.  The official statistics according to the Indian Government is that around 1,900 people are dying every day.  That means within this month over 57,000 will die this month.  And we are seeing an increase in the numbers daily as the problem grows out of control.   We are sad to report that some friends of our ministry have died within the past few weeks as well.  The slums and villages are in need of protection and help.  We need you to hear our prayers and act quickly to help our families.

There’s been a run on the masks, and is becoming harder to find.  Clean water is a source of hope, but not enough people are receiving that to keep the body strong to fight the Covid. 



The Need

With thousands of people losing their loved ones and sources of income, the poor are left in an unimaginable desperate crisis. Along with the fear of viruses, deaths and huge hospital bills, the poor are dealing with so much more. The daily wage laborer has lost their wages, the widowed are left alone to care for their families, the orphaned have nowhere to go.  

Such desperate situations have even led many to take the drastic step of suicide. In the light of this Momentum Global in partnership with Vivoblu has decided to shift our focus to helping the community around us, to sustain themselves through this crisis. We are distributing thousands of COVID relief packets, medical resources and water filters to prevent anyone from getting sick and desperate. 

Our relief packet will contain all essential items like Sanitizers, Masks, Rice, Lentils, Cooking Oil and other nutritional supplies. In partnership with Vivoblu, we are focusing on distributing water filters to every family we can reach starting with our momentum school families and others in the community. We have already seen from the past how clean water has impacted many families’ health through the pandemic and it has prevented individuals from getting sick.  By providing the relief packet and water filter to communities, people will have something to fight back and peace that their basic essentials are being taken care of. We also will be assisting our community with medical assistance, including but not limited to taking people to the hospital if needed.

With your partnership and prayers, we will together be able to serve impoverished communities and holistically stand beside them through these hard times.


Are We Helping ?

Currently, our funding priorities include: 

  • Emergency medical supplies to frontline workers and communities including personal protective equipment (PPE), hand sanitizers, soap, and disinfectant sprays.
  • Nutritious meals and dry rations.
  • Financial support to marginalized families.
  • Oxygen Supplies.
  • Portable water filters.